Samoa Voyaging Society has sailed Gaualofa more than 55,000 nautical miles to 14 countries.


  • 2009

    SVS Established

    SVS established

    The Society was established, after many years of planning, through the donation of the Gaualofa by the Okeanos Foundation.

  • 2010

    Tavarua Voyage

    Tavarua Training Voyage

    Our first training voyage, on which 10 crew members were trained and certified.

  • 2011

    TeMana o TeMoana

    TeMana o TeMoana

    “Spirit of the Pacific” Voyage: seven Va’atele/Vaka Moana sailed from Aotearoa (New Zealand) to Hawai’i, then on to the West Coast of the United States. During this voyage of over 30,000 nautical miles 35 Gaualofa crew members were certified.

  • 2012

    Pacific Festivals

    Pacific Festivals

    Participated in the Pua’a Festival in ?? and the Pacific Arts Festival in ??, covering ?? nautical miles.

  • 2013

    Renewal and Growth

    Gaualofa at Taumasina

    Fundraised (through merchandise sales) enough money to undertake maintenance and cover the annual running costs

    Established an MOU with Samoa’s Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture.

  • 2014

    Mua Voyage

    Mua Voyage

    Sailed from Apia to Sydney, covering xx nautical miles and certifying 10 crew members.

  • 2015

    A Samoan Captain

    A Samoan Captain

    Participated in TeManava Festival in the Cook Islands, covering xx nautical miles

    Participated in the Teuila Festival, taking xx visitors on day sails, covering about x miles

    Tonga Training and outreach voyage, to promote the mission of the Va’a and support the Tongan Voyaging Society

    Fundraised (including quiz night) enough money to undertake maintenance

    First certified captain, with current Captain Fealoa Fani Brunn receiveing her Yacht Master Captaincy.

    Captain presented at the GLOW festival, representing the crew, SVS and women 

  • 2016

    Outreach around Samoa

    Outreach around Samoa

    Launched the TeMana o TeMoana Voyage Documentary, fundarising xx and kicking off x months of 3- 4 day sails per week, and covering xx nautical miles

    Samoa outreach tour, voyaging to xx villages around Samoa, promoting the mission of SVS and covering xx nautical miles